Friday, February 17, 2012

First instalment of "SAFETY 101"

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Today's topic is specially made for motorcycle riders.... Since couple of my friends had bike accidents this past month, I would like dedicate this post to u know, motorcycle accidents are dangerous. And I don't thing I should elaborate more...Cuz, U  know, Ur grown up, and you should know...I would like to talk about how to prevent injuries when not riding or driving.

1) Always wear helmet for maximum security.. Injuries to the head cuz lead to fatality.

2) This doesn't relate to motorcyclist, if possible wear helmet when you're talking to ur friends. You may never know when they will attack you..

3) Wear a helmet when you use your hand phones in this manner. The hand phone could slip and make its way to ur head... 
---> V=U + at
lets say it falls in 2 sec, then the final velocity is 19.6m/s towards your face...

3) Have a good night sleep or a nap..
this is vital for you to think straight when you want to make decisions...(xde kaitan)

4) So, go and write "Safety First" for 50 times a day so that you remember that its very important to be safe...