Monday, February 13, 2012

Impromptu Speech.....

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Today we had to give an Impromptu Speech in class..
Most of us were nervous.... but still, they managed to got through it,
even if there were "SOME" who was still shaking..
Here are some of the important events that occurred today...
and if you are about to be tested in Impromptu Speech,
here are the summary and some advices of what might happen..

1) Confidence is the key.. If you're not confident, then.........................

ur voice will break and you will be out of points in no time.

2) Make sure you choose the right title. This step is very vital.
If you are not happy with your title, just say "Sir, I'm not happy"..
Our lecturer gave us chance to pick two titles and we must choose one of it.
If you're not happy with both titles you've got, there's no choice other than
praying to god...

3) Head out and walk confidently to the front of the class.
Start with Good Evening, and keep talking.(as what my friend said)

*PS, I haven't been tested yet, but those advices are direct advices to me from my friends,,,